Most Cited Privacy Articles for Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, zkSnarks, or RingCT Recently Published

Privacy and SecurityPrivacy is an important concept in society as it defines rights for individual information to be withheld or shared among a larger set of people, organizations, or algorithms. For blockchain, there are two main privacy approaches: zkSnarks and RingCT. There are also other considerations, such as IP masking and roles of confidentiality in transactions for supply chains, medical records, and other industries. While the initial Bitcoin ledger has all transactions public there are still approaches to obfuscate records through mixing and additional layers of information.

However, it is important to note privacy is not a gradient: something is either fully private or it is not. With the ease of developing algorithms and heuristics to identify individuals among a larger data-set, privacy implementation will become a priority over time and perhaps even a requirement. While there are only a few dozen projects featuring privacy, a fully fungible and consistently enforced solution has yet to be released and widely used. Within the next two years better solutions are likely to gain wider adoption as more examples for benefits of privacy as well as ease of use dramatically improve.

This is a list of publications from 2017 to 2-18 which mention privacy and one of the main privacy techniques of RingCT or zkSNARKS.

Last updated October 15th, 2018.

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