Most Cited Publications for Steem, Cryptocurrency, and Blockchain

SteemSteem is one of the early blockchain projects that is focused around content creation and curation. This project uses a witness structure for decentralization (called Graphene) which is also followed by Dan Larimer’s later projects, Bitshares and EOS. Steem has a multi-token structure and introduces the concept of resource-limiting for actions such as posting content, voting, resteeming, and sharing content. You can learn more about this approach to blockchain consensus at this article about Dan Larimer at hackernoon (he also created a stablecoin BitUSD). This approach is a blend of human action, proof of stake, and incentives built into the system to encourage specific results.

In the case of STEEM, the goal is a kind of self-organizing and curated knowledge set, such as what you would find at Wikipedia or Reddit. However, the tokenomics introduce incentives both for quality content and spam content. Ultimately, there is a competition between these forms of use, with micro-ecosystems of curation and spam prevention forming as ways to help add value. You can find ways to interact with the Steem blockchain at, as well as additional services such as dtube. Blockchain Library maintains a presence on Steemit as well as part of the goal for content preservation:, as all content is stored on the steem blockchain.

Last updated October 10th, 2018.

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