The Blockchain Library’s goals are twofold: to provide easy access to resources on cryptocurrency research for scholars, academics, analysts, and anyone with an interest in cryptocurrency publications; the second is provide an archive and historical timeline on the development of the blockchain field and to document the journey of its growth.

Our preservation goals include adding content to the Steem blockchain for future accessibility.

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What We do

The organizing and sharing of information related to cryptocurrency research has not kept pace with innovations and developments in the field. We will provide services to support research and analysis of blockchain technologies. We are organizing information on blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrency platforms to make research accessible and preserve history. 

Blockchain Communities: We are pioneering the curation of digital branches of Blockchain Library supported by and focused on specific cryptocommunities. Our first pilot project was the SmartCash Library focused on this new, community-centric cryptocurrency.

Philosophy, Ethics, and Principles

Finally, we care about principles such as security, privacy, and open access to information. We want to share information to researchers in such a way there are no compromises with security or privacy. This is why we run the site on secure settings. We also believe that this open access philosophy can provide the mechanism to most widely transmit information to future innovators and creators.

Who We Are

MarkMark Hakkarinen is the founder of the Blockchain Library. He has a MA in Communication, Culture, and Technology and has seven years of experience in library science and information management at Georgetown University. He is presently working on his MSc in Digital Currency from the University of Nicosia. His interest in blockchain and cryptocurrency stems from philosophy of technology and the change to communities brought about by innovative technologies at socially relevant times. He also has a BA in Environmental Studies from Cornell College. Get in touch with Mark through his LinkedIn profile or through his Earn profile.



Atina Karim's PhotoAtina Karim is a volunteer writer and researcher for Blockchain Library. Atina is a Master of Arts graduate of the Communication, Culture and Technology Program at Georgetown University. Within the program, Atina’s focus is on data analytics and business intelligence. She has recently developed an interest in exploring the capabilities of blockchain technology, particularly in governance. Atina loves traveling! She is originally from Bangladesh and has lived in Malaysia for some time, before moving to the U.S in August 2016. View her LinkedIn profile.



Clay Norris an intern at Blockchain  Library. He writes on cryptocurrency news. Clay is a rising junior currently enrolled in the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University. Clay plans to major in finance and management and minor in economics. He has held leadership positions on campus including starting quarterback on the Georgetown football team, Peer Mentor Ambassador of the Student-Athlete Alliance Committee, as well being a leader of the Friends of Jaclyn Foundation, which partners sports programs with kids battling serious illnesses. Clay’s ideal careers include fintech, consulting, blockchain, technology, finance, and marketing. View his LinkedIn profile.